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    At Pritchard Auto Body, taking care of our customers and getting them safely on their way has been our top priority since day one. Thatís something that will never change, even as cars become more complicated. Great service starts with a real knowledge of the industry. Our technicians are certified auto body specialists. We use the latest up-to-date automotive repair tools and diagnostic equipment available in our auto repair shop to assure an accurate diagnosis and repair for you the first time.

    We work with Individuals, Fleets and Companies who value working with professionals from an honest repair shop, and would like to find an affordable, fast and reliable car mechanic service provider.

    Main difference youíll find when you compare us with other mechanic shops in the area is that we are very specialized. Pritchard Auto Body is our primary service, and thereís nothing we donít know about it. On top of that, we offer you free diagnostics, outstanding quality service.

    Here at Pritchard Auto Body, with our broad spectrum of clients starting from working professionals, car fleets, rental companies and the likes, we assure to provide all our customers high quality and exceptional service you cannot get anywhere else. We provide competitive prices on all our outstanding products and also offers price match on competitors and beat their charge.

    These words have great meaning to us. They are our foundation and the very reason why MB area are choosing Pritchard Auto Body for their auto repair and auto body repair needs. You can expect to receive the highest level of quality automotive and repair with respect, reliability, honesty, and integrity at a fair price.

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